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...and also some good news!

Hey again! I'm sorry for the long summer hiatus, but now I'm back and I'm hoping to be able to write more frequently now. 
So, my life has changed massively since last time I wrote. Some minor changes include adding a bunch of new great memories, as I had a wonderful summer and finally got to practice my Spanish with actual Spanish people and I was able to hang out with my best friend a lot. My family and I are also looking after a wonderfully cute and adorable dog for we don't know how long, and there's a big chance we'll end up buying him!
But those are just minor changes compared to the rest that's happened in my life. For starters, I've started my final year of college (High School to Americans). This is going to be a year of pulling myself together and preparing for all the exams I'll be having once May comes, and I've started by preparing a day-to-day plan to incorporate homework and responsibilities every day. I've started taking notes in class, and generally I have a very good feeling about this year.
This is also the year where I turn 18, and in Norway that means I'm no longer subject to law-regulated age restrictions. Sure, a few bars, clubs and events still operate on a 20+ age restriction and adoption is still not legal until you're 21, but once you turn 18 the law no longer sets any age restrictions for your day-to-day life. Being 18 means I can drink, smoke, vote, drive (provided I have a driver's licence), open my own bank and phone accounts in my own name, access the savings account my parents set up for me when I was a kid, serve in the Army (provided I pass their intake process, which I've already been disqualified from due to ADHD), and I can keep my parents out of my school life if I so desire. And a whole lot of other things, but those are the things I can remember off the top of my head.
However, the biggest change to have happened in my life is that I've been accepted for medical transition, and if all goes to plan I'll be on T by Christmas! And the best part is, my Personal Tutor and Head of Year in school are both 100% OK with everything! I'm really feeling like my life is finally coming together, and everything's gonna be allright in the end.

So, guys... See you all next time!
...but not quite yet.

Yeah, summer holidays are fast approaching. And for most students at my school, it's already come. Except for the students in my class, the 2IB class. We're still stuck in school for another week, working on our Extended Essays. Which, since everyone else is on holiday right now, is kinda annoying.
But at least we had a great time the first week of June. We went on a class trip to Edinburgh, and it was awesome! We went to see the Scottish Parliament, the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, we went city sightseeing... The list is long, and it was a fantastic trip. I might post some pictures soon. 

So, yeah. Hope you all have a good summer holiday, and hopefully I will be back posting towards the end of August!


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David André Thu
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
A random Scottish-Norwegian teenager born and raised in Norway. I love my friends, my family, movies, books, and everything Scottish!
I speak English, Scots, and Spanish (and Norwegian, but only if I have to). And a very little bit of Scottish Gaelic. But I prefer English or Scots. Oh, and before anyone asks: Yes, I do have a Scottish accent :)
I'm also a quite devout Whovian and Broadchurch fan as of November 2013!

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